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Today, June 27th, is National HIV Testing Day! When people hear HIV, they think life threatening virus that consumes the lives of those who live with it. What people usually do not think of is the fact that it starts out similar to any other virus and that they could, in fact, have the virus as well.

There are many way that HIV can be transmitted—blood to blood contact, shared needles, and unprotected sex are the most common. You may think to yourself that you have not encountered any of these situations but the truth is, it is very easy to come in contact with someone’s blood. For instance, you could have shared a razor with someone who is not yet aware that they have the virus. Or had unprotected sex with someone who is infected, even if you know and trust the person, he or she could have HIV and not know about it.

With all the many possibilities of getting the virus, whether through explicit contact or unknowingly, anyone could be HIV positive. Today is the day to get yourself tested to protect yourself and loved ones from a dangerous and potentially fatal illness. It never hurts to be extra sure.

You can find the closest testing and care facility near you here. Living with HIV/AIDS is not like other illnesses, it is much worse. While treatments and medications are being produced to help with the symptoms, there is still no cure. May people who live with HIV/AIDS share their story and warn others to protect themselves. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!

American Women’s Services urges EVERYONE to take control of their health and get tested immediately!

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