American Women's Centers offers abortion services from very early gestation to 24 weeks LMP (from the last menstrual period) and referrals for abortion services from 24 to 36 weeks. If you are nine weeks or less from your last normal period, you will have the option of choosing either a non-surgical or a surgical abortion. If you are between nine and fourteen weeks pregnant, the surgical option will be available to you with either local anesthesia or twilight sleep sedation. If your pregnancy is between fourteen and twenty-four weeks, a second trimester surgical procedure can be performed. Please see our pregnancy calculator to estimate the gestation of your pregnancy. Our services are completely confidential and our mission is to provide you with the best compassionate, individualized care. We strive to make your experience as private, comfortable, affordable, and positive as possible.

As part of our services, all necessary laboratory testing, physical examination and ultrasound will be performed to evaluate your condition and the gestational age of your pregnancy. As our patient, you will receive individual options counseling, detailed information on the procedures available to you, and time to discuss your feelings. During each step of your appointment, you will be supported by our experienced, compassionate, friendly staff. For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call the office most convenient to you.