After the 2016 election, many women ran out to get IUDs. Why? Because they worried that their access to affordable contraceptives would be compromised in the coming years. That fear continues to be prevalent. But some women already struggle to access birth control, despite the fact that it’s legal—young women who live with their parents.

In fact, there are some states that require parental consent in order for a minor to get birth control. Most states have laws that require minors 12 and above to get parental consent. Other states allow certain groups of minors, such as those who are pregnant, married, or already have kids, to get birth control without parental consent. Still others don’t have any written laws about minors getting birth control, and the decision is left to individual physicians. Click here for a complete list of parental consent laws by state.

In the majority of states, a minor wouldn’t have any trouble getting birth control if they were able to travel to a Planned Parenthood or other medical clinic. But for some young women, who live far from women’s clinics or have very strict parents who are opposed to them using contraceptives, the barrier to contraceptives is very real.

Luckily, there are options for young women in these situations. One of them is called Nurx, an app that delivers birth control at no extra cost. Nurx is often free with insurance, or sold at a low cost for those without insurance. It’s also safe—they’re not sending out packets of Trinessa willy-nilly. Each Nurx subscriber consults with a real doctor when signing up for the service, and are able to ask that same doctor questions at any time while continuing their subscription.

Nurx also provides an alternatives for young women who aren’t able to travel to a clinic, or who have especially strict parents. These women have the option to have their contraceptives delivered to a safe place, like a friend’s house.

Undoubtedly, other services like Nurx will begin to address the barriers common to many young women who need birth control. After all, your body belongs to you—no one else should be able to tell you how to care for it!

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