The next Democratic primary vote is right around the corner on June 7th. New Jersey and California will be voting for one of the two remaining candidates, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. We urge everyone to vote, no matter what party or candidate you support! That said, this blog is to give some clear insight on Hillary’s views in a world where every media source is skewed or biased. So here are the facts:


2016 Democratic presidential candidate



In line with most democratic views, she believes health care is a basic human right and should be universally available. She plans on expanding on the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s healthcare ‘Obamacare’. However, she has said that ‘universal health care will not work if it is not mandatory”. Hillary Clinton as president will make a health care system that covers everyone at an affordable price.

Reproductive Rights

The common stance on abortion for liberal politicians is ‘safe, legal, and rare’ which is exactly what Clinton has said on numerous occasions as far back as the 90s. She has always held a pro-choice view and has a 100% rating from National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). In 1995 She is quoted saying that “government should have no role in abortion decision”. While her respect for choice is unwavering, she hopes to reduce the rate of abortion. Thankfully, she understands that the way to achieve lower abortion rates is to educate and create easy access to contraception; evidenced by her voting history when she voted YES to allow a $100 million budget to reduce teen pregnancy through education and contraception.

If Clinton takes the presidency, women will be at an advantage. She will advance reproductive freedom and access to abortion as well as contraception.


Hillary’s beliefs about immigration are fairly moderate. She is certainly not in line with Donald Trump on the issue, however, she also does not plan to welcome anyone and everyone into the country. She promotes Naturalization for the many immigrants who need to take that last step and also wants to integrate a simpler and more attainable pathway to citizenship. She will strive to keep families together and also to crack down on employers who exploit undocumented workers. She wants to provide refuge for people seeking asylum and provide them with a fair chance to tell their stories.

Mainly, she will encourage all immigrants to go through the process of becoming a legal citizen but will not be “Deporter-in-Chief” or encourage active deportation of working illegal immigrants. She wants to stop the ‘raids and roundups’ and also does not want to turn local police into immigration enforcers. She will, however, make a serious effort to deport illegal immigrants who are violent or criminal offenders.

Civil Rights

The first woman to make it this far in a presidential election has a civil rights agenda that is very progressive. For example, she acknowledges the gender wage gap instead of labeling it a myth as some politicians do and wants to work towards pay equality. When she was the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s administration, she wanted his cabinet to “look like America” meaning equal representation of the various races , religions, and cultural differences in the country.

She has a 96% rating from the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative action stance. She has also implemented many programs and introduced legislation that will enhance rights for minorities. She voted YES to add ‘sexual orientation’ to the definition of hate crimes; a move that will help protect LGBTQ+ community. She has a history that shows her support and advocacy for minority groups and their fight for equality and justice.


Clinton has sworn to always stay dedicated to improving our country’s education system and public schools. She wants to establish a right to education for everyone from pre-school through college and is also a supporter of keeping Arts in the curriculum. After school activities and programs are funded to help children engage in positive activities to avoid gang involvement and early criminal behaviors. Also, Hillary Clinton has said that the bible should be taught as history and/or literature, not as science or religion in public schools. Voting history shows that she voted to shift $ll billion from corporate tax loopholes into education system.
Her plan is for debt-free college for young people and free community college. This is an effort to help recent graduates find a job and not have them extreme stress on their shoulders of having to pay back tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

Planned Parenthood Funding

The pro-choice democratic candidate has said pretty recently that she would like to see an increase in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. She understands how helpful the organization is and that it provides vital health care for many women, especially those who are low-income and do not have many other options. She has stated that Planned Parenthood helps millions of women every year and they are part of the plan to help prevent unintended pregnancies by offering a plethora of information and services to at-risk women.

International Reproductive Access

As Senator, Clinton introduced legislation that would once again continue funding the UN Population fund. The Bush administration overturned this legislation, but she fought back to regain the necessary support. As Secretary of State, she launched the Office of Global Women’s Issues. The goal is to integrate women in making foreign policy to better help the needs of women in different areas of the world. This past May, Hillary Clinton called for global access to abortion, especially in countries where there is no form of legal abortion. She stated that “gender equality, including sexual and reproductive health and girls, must be a core priority”.

As you can see, Hillary Clinton is a candidate who is truly dedicated to bettering the systems we have in place in areas including education, immigration, health care, and reproductive freedom. She is devoted to creating equality amongst everyone and bettering our government and government programs to ensure fair treatment of everyone in a smart and efficient manner.

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