The 2016 presidential campaign and election process is making history and has gained media coverage worldwide. This is mostly due to the fact that Donald Trump has dominated the media with his outlandish views, blatant racism and shocking statements. It’s no secret that anyone who is not a supporter of Trump views him and his candidacy as a distasteful joke. However, no one thought he would actually make it to the point where he is now—the presumptive republican nominee. It is absurd that someone who is so politically incorrect and unapologetically offensive is going to have a 50/50 chance of running one of the most diverse nations in the world. He never seems to disappoint when it comes to spewing out ignorance, but one of his most recent remarks has left everyone, women especially, completely baffled.

At his rally in Spokane, Washington, Trump says, “I mean all of the men, we’re petrified to speak to women anymore. We may raise our voice. You know what, the women get it better than we do, folks. They get it better.” Then he went on to say that “This political correctness is killing our country”. The bulk of his followers and supporters are white men older than 45, so we can assume that most of the audience he was speaking to at this rally on May 7th was this specific demographic. That assumption alone makes his comment even more invalid and worrisome. If there is any group of men that at any point had it harder than women, it is certainly not older white men. Furthermore, what is so concerning about his comment, besides its blatant ignorance, is the realization that our presumptive GOP nominee does not know the definition of the word ‘oppression’. It is not opinion or under speculation; it is factual that white men, especially in the United States, are the most advantaged group of people in the world. Our society was built by them, for them.

Donald Trump Sexist Comment
Photo courtesy of Powerline Blog

When a major political figure so openly dismisses the centuries of unfair treatment towards a minority, it should be a “YUGE” red flag that he will not be an unbiased officiator of law. Instead, it gives insight into how he will not advance women or equal rights. It shows that cultural diversification is not on his agenda. It makes it clear that, since he has never known or experienced unequal treatment (he is white, male, wealthy, and Christian), he will not take the time to understand the oppressions so many groups of people have faced and certainly will not help those groups.

It is obvious that Donald Trump has no intentions of making positive change for the people in the country he may one day be president of. One cannot ‘Make America Great Again’ by ignoring and getting rid of all the things that make us great to begin with.

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