Recently, 53 thousand lawyers received a copy of a DVD labeled as “This 11-minute DVD will revolutionize your legal practice.”  At first glance, the DVD looks like standard advertising pitch for some managerial practices.  But, a few minutes into the video, you realize that it is urging lawyers to sue abortion doctors.


The video contends that teens who get pregnant are getting pregnant from older men.  Thus, they are victims of statutory rape and abortion doctors are covering up the crime by destroying evidence.   The video tells viewers to visit the website where they are greeted with a statement that “Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation caught in pedophile protection scandal.”


The group behind the video is Life Dynamics, an anti-abortion group based out of Texas.  This campaign of theirs is nothing new.  According to a report at Mother Jones, their president Mark Crutcher started mailing lawyers and telling them to sue abortion doctors as far back as 20 years ago.  His goal was to shut down abortion clinics by increasing their insurance rates.


Crutcher wasn’t successful with his campaign back then, and he probably won’t be successful now.  As the president of the National Abortion Federation, Vicki Saporta, told Mother Jones, abortion clinics are in compliance with reporting laws.  However, Crutcher has a powerhouse of money behind him.  Life Dynamics received a large donation of $850,000 from Thirteen Foundation, which was founded by billionaire fraking mogul Farris Wilks.  Wilks has also funded numerous other anti-choice groups.

This attack on abortion rights perfectly sums up how incongruous the anti-choice message is.  They say that abortion doctors need to be sued because youths are being impregnated by older men and the abortion is covering up evidence.   If the claim is true (which we don’t have any evidence showing that it is), then why would any reasonable person say that the right course of action is to sue abortion doctors??? Shouldn’t they instead be setting up counseling programs for the young women and encouraging them to face their attackers?   They aren’t – so it is pretty obvious that this is just another attack on abortion rights under the guise of helping young women.

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